The Key to Piano Learning - 1 Basic
By R. A. Manson
This book focuses on concepts and techniques in piano playing and helps you explore the secret of sight-reading.
Here are the features:
  • Emphasizes concepts with easy-to-grasp illustrations
  • Contains more than 450 charts & diagrams
  • Presents the concepts of fingering & note reading
  • Analyzes the use of eyes while playing
  • Helps you become a super sight-reader
  • Provides a colorful and vivid music history chart that folds out
Sample pages
A. Contents at a glance

In order to enhance the readability, this book is well-organized with an extremely structured hierarchy. For this reason, three table of contents are provided to present the contents in different levels, helping the readers use them in accordance with their needs.

Sample pages
B. Table of Contents (Details)
Sample pages
C. Other featured pages
C1. Irregular rhythm (Chapter 3 Time & tempo / 3.2 Featured time / 3.2.7 Irregular rhythm, p.39-43)
C2. Reading ahead (Chapter 6 Note reading / 6.6 Reading ahead, p.128-135)
C3. Line change (Chapter 6 Note reading / 6.7 Line change, p.135-142)
C4. Repetitions (Chapter 6 Note reading / 6.8 Repetitions, p.142-146)
C5. Division (Chapter 7 Practice methods / 8.5 Division, p.187-190)
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