Easy-page Multimedia version
By R. A. Manson
The multimedia version covers the same contents as the hard-copy one. Here are the main features:
  • Quick indices
  • Scriptural references
  • Bible reading
  • Animations
  • Powerpoint files available
  • Ideal for use in school, Sunday school, personal
  • Bible study, Bible college or seminary

    System requirement
  • English Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
  • Pentium / Celeron / Centrino / Core CPU
  • Memory: 256MB
  • Hard-disk Space: 100MB
  • 3Dfx Visualizer: DirectX 7 (included) or above and 3D Graphic Card required
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • Internet connection (recommended)

Sample screens
The multimedia version covers the same contents as the hard-copy one. Here are the main features:
Sample screens
Quick Indices
All indexed items are classified into 3 categories (places, names, and others) for easy alphabetical look up. Once you click on any item, it will open the Flash file and zoom-in automatically to show the corresponding topic.
Scriptural References
Each quick reference chart is full of scriptural references and you may click on these references to open the corresponding passage in the Bible.
Bible Reading
American Standard Version (ASV) is included in this software with all 66 books of the Bible for reading, copying and searching.
Animated Routes
For teaching purposes, you may select different routes to be shown in a map and a blinking spot will guide you through all the stops in each route. You may also pause the animation and go forward/backward in each stop. The flow of presentation is all under your control.
3-D Animation
All articles provide 3-D animations.
3-D Animation
Customized layouts
You can open different pages simultaneously and lay them out according to your needs.
The layout can also be saved and retrieved instantly.
Customized layouts
Bible versions
You can freely download different Bible versions and different languages in the web, read them simultaneously and control the pattern of synchronization.
Bible versions
Powerpoint files
For the convenience of Sunday school teachers, we provide a set of Powerpoint files together with hyper link functions. The contents can also be updated as you need, letting you use the Easy-page as teaching materials.
Powerpoint files
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